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Coverage and Authenticity

Discover the unique and comprehensive actions taken to protect your safety, comfort, and freedom of choice with your Mia® Experience.

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What you get with Mia®:

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Mia® Comprehensive Coverage

Considering the needs of our modern and empowered consumers, the Mia® procedure includes authenticity backing through the creation of beautiful art just for you, which may be transformed into a unique Mia® Diamond Digital Art Piece. This proof of authenticity or unique art assures you that a Mia® Certified Clinic and Surgeon performed the procedure.

It doesn’t stop there! Upon registrationa of the Mia® system and diamonds, you are enrolled into a comprehensive warranty program which provides product replacement in case of Capsular Contractureb occurring in the 10 years after the procedure or lifetime replacement in case of Rupturec and financial assistance should the need arise during the 10 years after the procedure. d

We’ve created the following chart for your convenience that summarizes the coverage provided by the Mia® Comprehensive Coverage:

  1. Registration must occur within 90 days from the registered procedure date.
  2. Capsular contracture (Baker grades III and IV).
  3. Rupture: Rupture caused by a manufacturing issue and not when the surgeon is responsible for the rupture.
  4. Terms & Conditions apply.
  5. Mia® Diamonds with Zen® new-generation technology that ensures the traceability of your Mia® Diamonds.

Woman's Choice Program

Freedom of Choice and Peace of Mind

Mia® empowers women by granting them options such as the Woman’s Choice Program®.

The Mia® Woman’s Choice Program® provides financial support in the event that women who obtain Mia® choose to reverse their procedure (subject to terms and conditions).

Mia® Proof of Authenticity

The Mia® Proof of Authenticity is a traceable certification of the whole Mia® experience in a Mia® Certified Clinic by a Mia® Certified Surgeon, using the patented Minimally Invasive System for Mia®. This certification includes the consumer’s registrationa, which activates the Mia® Comprehensive Coverage.

All Mia® consumers will receive a one-of-a-kind Digital Art Piece that is carefully crafted to represent every woman’s uniqueness. In addition, consumers have the option to transfer it into a digital wallet. Every single Mia® Diamond Digital Art Piece is a collector’s item that only each Mia® consumer can own.

Safeguarding the authenticity and traceability of each woman’s experience is of utmost importance. To achieve this, Mia® Diamonds include the exclusive, new generation Zen® technology, should there be a need to redeem the Mia® Comprehensive Coverage.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

The content provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for a consultation with a physician. All Coverage and Authenticity Programs outlined below are provided exclusively for the Mia® Certified Surgeon or authorized Clinical staff to discuss with each Consumer while evaluating the Mia® experience together. If you have not spoken to a Mia® Certified Plastic Surgeon, please proceed to do so and review these terms and conditions during your consultation.

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The Mia® Experience

Discover how Mia® brings harmony to your body with a naturally discreet proportional breast shaping in 15 minutes1*.

  1. Establishment Labs®. Data on file. CLINR-001018.

*Results may vary from consumer to consumer.

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Discover how Mia® empowers women to think and speak freely about breast health and aesthetics through a Femtech solution.