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Brings harmony to your body by shaping your breasts

“I’ve always been a very confident woman, but after Mia®, I feel much better. I had my procedure at 6 a.m., and by 10 a.m. I was back home working without any discomfort or need to request any days off from work.”

Architect, certified scuba diver, and Mia® consumer.

31 years ago.

Slider Inchi

“I have a harmonious look now; my body is more balanced. After Mia®, I’m thrilled with my cup size. It’s a natural result true to my essence, and my scars are perfect and almost imperceptible. Nobody can tell I did something because it looks so natural.”

Physical education professor, cooking enthusiast, and Mia® consumer.

25 years ago.

Slider Vivian

“I had my procedure on Monday and married the following Saturday, it was the best decision I could ever make.”

Engineer, yoga enthusiast, and Mia® consumer.

31 years ago.

Slider Carolina

“After Mia®, I’m much more confident regarding my image, and of course, I feel my body now has more balance overall.”

Business administrator, badminton player, and Mia® consumer.

25 years ago.

Slider Meiqing

Mia Femtech

Mia Femtech brings harmony to your body with a naturally discreet result by shaping your breasts in 15 minutes1* using breakthrough minimally invasive technology with no general anesthesia2 so that you can get on with your busy life on the same day**.

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    Breast harmonization for one to two cups up with natural and discreet proportional results1
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    Resume your busy life on the same day of your procedure**
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    Exclusive high-tech system for a patented minimally invasive procedure1
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    A 15-minute procedure1* without general anesthesia2
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    Breast tissue preservation technique with small, concealed scars1
Discover the Mia® Experience

*Results may vary from consumer to consumer.

**Exercise is not recommended during the recovery period, and always follow your doctor’s advice.

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  3. Chung KJ. Arch Plast Surg. 2012 Sep;39(5):540-5.

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