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The Mia® Experience

Experience the freedom of no compromises and uncover the secret to a harmonious body with Mia Femtech.

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Brand promise

Mia Femtech brings harmony to your body with a naturally1 discreet proportional result by shaping your breast in 15 minutes2*, using a breakthrough minimally invasive technology with no general anesthesia3 so you can get on with your busy life on the same day**.

Result of the Mia® Experience

How it works

Our breakthrough minimally invasive 15 minute1* procedure applies a proprietary high tech and patented system with a preservative tissue technique so you can get on with your busy life on the same day**.

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The Mia® Experience

Start and end with a one-of-a-kind personalized experience with a dedicated concierge assisting you throughout your entire journey. Your Mia® Concierge will listen and learn about your lifestyle. Together, you will create a tailored plan that will consider your needs, important events, and upcoming milestones.

Available in Mia® Certified Clinics through Mia® Certified Surgeons by Establishment Labs®.

What you should expect from the Mia® procedure

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    Breast harmonization for one to two cups up with natural and discreet proportional results1
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    Resume your busy life on the same day of your procedure**
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    Exclusive high-tech system for a patented minimally invasive procedure1
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    A 15-minute procedure1* without general anesthesia2
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    Breast tissue preservation technique with small, concealed scars1

*Results may vary from consumer to consumer.

**Exercise is not recommended during the recovery period, and always follow your doctor’s advice.

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  3. Chung KJ. Arch Plast Surg. 2012 Sep;39(5):540-5.

What you should expect from the Mia® Experience

  • Experience 1
    Dedicated Mia® Concierge assisting you throughout your entire journey
  • Experience 2
    Tailored Plan: Your concierge will listen and learn about your lifestyle and desires
  • Experience 3
    Performed only by Mia® Certified Plastic Surgeons
  • Experience 4
    Mia® Certified Clinic for the best high-end experience
  • Experience 5
    Certification of authenticity through a unique Mia® NFT Coverage Program

At Establishment Labs®, a women-centric and green company, we aspire to transform the breast aesthetics industry by focusing on Femtech solutions and next-generation devices to safeguard women's health.

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Discover how Mia® empowers women to think and speak freely about breast health and aesthetics through a Femtech solution.

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